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Saturday, April 6, 2013

One of those OMG moments

So I occasionally every couple months pick up a few of the current release of the WoW TGC booster packs, or even the Archive Booster packs if my local Target has them. I have even purchased a couple sealed cartons of booster packs off ebay when the price is right. Last month I purchased a sealed 8 pack of the Cataclysm era booster pack, which also has a guaranteed single loot card (from a couple different Booster pack series) aside from whatever you get in the booster packs.

Finally today I opened that 8 pack box and to my great excitement I found [Spectral Tiger]. Now my previous mounts I earned in from a sealed carton of WoW TGC Archive booster packs I bought off ebay in the same carton I found [Wooly White Rhino] and [X-51 Nether Rocket].

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