A Tauren Warrior protecting his land with a mace in hand.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The one about my break

I have been on an unintentional month long break and hadn't played till very recently. My house flooded and all the stuff that wasn't damaged got piled in my office and my computer was unreachable, which also meant no time spent in the beta as well. When i started to play again this week I found the urge to farm pets and mounts (non-warrior) stuff. So currently I have been farming Argent Crusade pets (I will farm for the mounts once done).

I also have been farming Heroic Magister's Terrance in hopes of getting my hatchling, white mount and orb. Funny story Tuesday night I was talking to a friend, who is currently farming KT (TK version) and Auttumen, about how much I hated KT because he never drops and of them. Well as soon as I killed him he was kind enough to drop the hatching for me.

I did raid the 2nd half of regular DS on Monday and won the trinket from spine finally. Now I just need Deathwing to drop my damn sword. Maybe this week? I do plan on completing my thoughts on the Warrior class in beta but I do not plan on actually doing any raiding or dungeon running so bear in mind that these opinions are based on questing and general thoughts on how they "would feel" in raiding.