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Friday, March 29, 2013

Long Overdue Update

So it has been awhile sine my last post and since then I have gone from a mighty Arms warrior to a Titans Grip Fury warrior, to a Single Minded Fury warrior to now a Protection warrior. So my blog will shift focus a little bit (if I can keep it up to date).

Simple thoughts on all 4 warrior specs after the break


  • Still my favorite spec
  • Most fun rotation of the DPS specs
  • DPS still not where it should be #s wise when at max ilvl, wish I miss Cataclysm Arms OP status. 
  • Easiest to gear for
TG Fury:
  • Easier to gear for than SMF
  • DPS can sometimes be erratic, better numbers than arms at the 500 ilvl
  • Rotation is pretty simple even after the removal of Deadly Calm
SM Fury:
  • A PITA to gear for 1-h weapons were the bane of my existence
  • By far the best DPS pre 5.2 
  • Post 5.2 still best DPS if geared to the teeth 
  • Rotation is pretty simple even after the removal of Deadly Calm
  • Swapped to prot because I was not having fun DPSing
  • Also swapped to prot because guild was having a hard time finding a consist ant off tank
  • Current iteration of prot took some getting used to having to work active defense abilities into your threat rotation, no more saving defensives as OH $#!# buttons

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