A Tauren Warrior protecting his land with a mace in hand.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

When Blizzard Answers Your Question

SparkysShocker @SparkysShocker: In lore do Warriors have an organization/guild that they group under. Like the Argent Crusade or Ravenholdt?
CDev Response: The warriors of Warcraft lore are typically associated with the armies they have pledged their weapons to, while our warrior heroes (read: the players) are "lone wolves." Someday these fearless combatants might unite under a single banner and form the world's first warrior union, but that remains to be seen.

I asked this question 13 months ago, I tweeted it @Lore on his first week on Twitter, and it got answered in the most recent Ask CDev.

The easy answer is they already do, they unite under the Horde and Alliance banners, however what I am looking for is something more. A faction specific banner for each side because lorewise Warriors wouldn't set the arms aside to meet secretly.

I am looking for something in WoW to make me feel less a like a Mercenary and more like a true Warrior of the Horde (or Alliance). When I asked the question I asked the wrong question, I asked about the neutral class groups, what I meant were the faction groups.

  • Blood Knights/Sunwalkers - Silverhand
  • All the various race specific Rogue groups
  • Sunreavers - Silver Covenant
These are just a few I think of. The point is that after they stopped developing Class quests after I think it was level 50 and the fact that those quests are now gone there is as actually very little lore recognition of Warriors outside of key figures like Garrosh. So could the Warriors of the Horde (or Alliance) unite under a banner within their faction, or would they go the Rogue route and have groups based on their race.