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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Protective Bull Rises Again

As a fledgling Warrior I began my journey as Arms because I thought hey why not carry around a big 2 handed weapon that made me look unstoppable. Sadly this journey ended when I reached level 60 in The Burning Crusade. It became apparent that in order for me to be able to run Dungeons I needed to tank and the group of friends I had made needed a tank so it seem to fit I tanked until level 70 and even then I kept my tank set to run dungeons but I wanted to raid so I picked up a DPS set I joined a guild and tried to raid as Arms but I was told to go fury or gtfo, so I went fury which didn't last long. After a couple weeks I was asked to off tank, where I stayed until Sunwell Plateau was released.

Even though it was only a year I learned to not only tank but excel at tanking better than I thought I would, teaching any young warrior I could how to tank, I am not going to lie though I had a great teacher myself (a player that when we were DPS in Firelands could out DPS players in epics while wearing greens and blues). 

After the release of the Sunwell I switched guilds and was asked to go back to DPS where I stayed until March 2013 (I had a brief hiatus from Warrior raiding during Wrath after Ulduar was released to raid on my Paladin where I spent a few months as Holy and the rest of the Expansion as Ret).

Last Month my current guild was running into problems keeping a consistent Off Tank on hand. Since the beginning of Mists I told my self I would never tank, especially after a brief attempt during Cataclysm. Tanking in Wrath and Cataclysm seemed broken to me it didn't flow like it used to fr me in TBC and to be honest  I was having fun as DPS. 

Fast forward to last month, As a Warrior DPS I found myself getting bored especially as Fury weather I was Titans Grip or Single Minded it was just boring and Arms was tempting because I was at the ilvl where Arms was actually better DPS. Even after declaring to the guild in 5.1 that I would never tank, some how I had slowly gathered some off pieces and had accumulated Tier tokens I didn't need for DPS. So I volunteered to become the new tank for the guild.  As much as I loved DPS I love raiding in general more and I saw an opportunity to cut down wasted time trying to pug an off tank. 

Learning to Tank again, this time tanking actually felt fluid for me like not the same as a remembered of TBC but much better than the how I felt in Wrath and Cataclysm. Sure I had to learn new things like keeping your new active defenses on CD or when to use them on certain fights, however overall I have learned very quickly how to tank again. My first week tanking we downed Jin'rokh with my 480 ilvl tank set (with DPS neck, shoulders, ring and, trinket).

This is the beginning of the new Blood Sweat and Honor blog focus.

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