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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WICBT: Would you play on an expansion specific server?

Over the last few weeks the good 'ole topic of Expansion based servers has popped back up like that annoying soul stoned lock in battlegrounds. I am torn on this one, although I do think it would be awesome especially for players who never got to experience certain expansions as they were. Myself having started at the launch of the Burning Crusade would love to go back and experience the original the way it was before TBC.

However it wouldn't work. People would begin to complain about the absence of many of the quality of life changes since TBC. They would be unhappy with the lack of support and new content. I think the raid scaling if implemented will do some to curb the need for expansion based servers and I actually look forward to that feature when it does finally come.

All that being said I think when WoW is finally a finished product (i.e. no more content releases) I could see Blizzard having specific expansion servers available and sell them separate from WoW in a Pay for game but free to play type system like GW2.

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