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Friday, August 30, 2013

WI's Community Blog Topic 8/30/13

This weeks Community Blog Topic as provided by the lovely staff over at WoW Insider is, Which race would you like to become playable?

The easy answer for me as a Tauren a heart would be the Tauren subraces Taunka and Yaungol and even those we may have yet find. However I agree with Matt Rossi that as a whole the subraces would be awesome.

Now as far as currently unplayable races the Isectoids of Azeroth are interesting but I would much rather have to separate races for Alliance and Horde and so far all 3 of the know Insectoid races would be more aligned with the Horde.

Etherals would be obvious and they could use the same neutral then faction pick system they did for the Pandarean.

Another option would be to have Horde get Ogres and Alliance Furbolgs they have been in the game since Vanilla and both races have intriguing stories.

My order for new "races" in the next expansion would be finish new character models with the sub races included, and then Etherals. And if the next expansion is The Dark Below then it kinda leaves only Naga if they do plan on adding a new race.

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