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Friday, July 8, 2011

Arms Stats

Already in 4.2 I have been the center of some loot discussion, based the fact that so much of the Str based loot could be good for a Tank or a DPS. First I am going to go over how I was prioritizing stats before using any (simcraft tools).

My first goal was to get Hit cap at 8% and expertise cap at 26 rating through reforging. After that I would gem for Str and enchant for Str (when it was available), then Crit (if it was available), and finally Mastery if the other two were not available. I would then reforge all other stats to either Crit or Mastery. Oh and for the Boot enchant Mastery+run speed is the only way to go (if you didn't know this, the quicker you get to the boss the more DPS you do).

This brings me to why I have already taken some flack for some loot choices. Our guild had the [Firebound Gorget] drop and because it was or first night of raiding (our first trash pull in fact) no one had the appropriate DKP to bid for it so it went to rolls, and of course I won it.

Now on a regular raid night we have 1 Arms Warrior and 3-4 Fury Warriors depending on if 1 is Prot for the night. That being said we have a fury who knows how to play Fury pretty well and knows his stat prioritization. So he chimed in saying that the 17 Str loss made it a bad neck piece, which was true for Fury, for Arms however it was a slight upgrade from the [Gift of Nadun] that we both had.

So I didnt equip it that night because I needed to reforge some of the Exp off so I wouldn't be wasting stats, but I did spend the next day prior to raiding doing a little more research into the [Firebound Gorget] and in fact found that it was an upgrade for me however I also found that it was a BiS piece for Prot Paladins which our guild has 2 of, so I donated it back to the guild and that night it went for DKP.

Moral of the Story: research your class AND SPEC and know whats good for you. dont base your gear choices on what someone of a different spec (and sometimes class) tells you. Also take the time to learn what maybe a slight upgrade for you and what a major upgrade for someone else, it will definitely effect the way your group progresses through content.

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