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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4.1 Retrospective

At the beginning of 4.1 I had no second thoughts about going Fury, however the middle parts of 4.1 I debated going back to Fury which at 1 point I was top Fury warrior in my guild during BC, however the class had changed so much and Arms wasn't tediously boring anymore. However before getting equal gear as the Fury warriors in my guild it was hard being rage starved and seeing a 2-3k DPS difference between me and the Fury warriors.

And then the gear came and I refined my "rotation" and my DPS was on par with Fury warriors during my average raid night focus. And on good nights I was top warrior and sometimes 1,2, or 3 in DPS.

4.1 also saw my first ever profession change which was a big Gold decision I was dropping my slightly profitable mining (more used to subsidize my Warriors Blacksmithing and my Paladins Engineering), for a fun and slightly useful Engineering. My warrior was my only maxed Miner so my level 15 Rogue has some work to do in order to help my Warrior with mats.

Overall 4.1 was a little difficult to itemize for with the amount of Haste and Expertise that was on Warrior T11. I manged to forge off enough expertise to not waste any and was always within +/- .20 of the hit cap, however it was hard to replace items and with BiS drops and not screw everything up so it was a balancing act of enchant, gems, and reforging.

The hard thing about being in guild that has only Fury warriors in it is that when a piece of gear drops that isn't good for them but is for me they start to vocalize their disagreeing opinion to the guild officers which in turn leads to me explaining why I roll or bid DKP on items that no other Warrior wants, and that DKs or Paladins and in a recent case Tanks value more then Fury.

In a later post I will go into stats and weights of those for Arms and Fury and maybe even throw in a little DK and Ret stat weights in there.

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