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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hearthstone: Warrior vs Heroic Noth

Noth is a pain on heroic as Warrior especially since his passive hero ability summons a 5/5 minion when one of your minions die, and the fact that Warriors don't have any spells that can damage heroes aside from weapons and Noth has a pretty good counter to weapons with his Skeletal Smith card. Once I added Deathwing to this deck Noth was dead the first time I played it, and deathwing was the reason I won the game. What you need watch out for in the late game is Plague and Ice Block, because if you load up the board with your Grommash and Molten Giant and trigger Ice Block the next turn you may be S.O.L he has minions on board and you are low on health. Brawl and Deathwing are key, they are the board clear you need to avoid taking damage. Same thing as with my Maexxna deck the goal is to get a free Molten Giant with Charge. When I downed Noth I played Deathing on turn 10 to get rid of 2 5/5s after Noth casting Plague the second time on my Grommash and Molten Giant, my hand was empty and and what I drew was my charge which luckily ended up not hurting me. From there it was dancing with clearing minions with weapons if I could afford the health or Deathwing, also played Ragnaros and from there Noth was dead.

This deck takes a lot of luck of the draw but if you time your Brawl and Deathwings right you may be able to pull it off, good luck Warriors.

Unfortunately I don't have a video of my kill, however if you check out my Twitch stream you can see me get really excited because I have lethal only to be thwarted by Ice Block and die the next turn, which happened once today before I killed him.

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