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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WICBT: What is your favorite announcement for Warlords of Draener?

Personally I want to say all of them but if I had to choose one it was the announcement of Garrisons. Everything about them, be it the profession tie ins to the follower systems, or the ability to choose which zone you want yours to be in. But more than what the announced features of them were I am most excited for what they didn't announce as I said in an earlier post I am excited for the potential of them to use the followers as mannequins so that they can display your gear you have collected in a meaningful way. I am hoping that at some point in WoD we are able to use our Garrisons to wage war on a player from the opposing faction in Strand of the Ancients type battle. And I am also excited for the RP potential to having my very own Garrison and a forward base for the RP guild I recently joined.

The one thing about Garrisons that I was disappointed not to see was that they really only showed Orc and Human architecture, it would be amazing if we could choose between the iconic Faction structures and your Races structures, a Tauren styled Garrison would be pretty sweet.

Finally the ability to have the Garrison be a living breathing part of the game even when you are not logged in is going to be nice, especially in terns of earning gold for repairs if you cant play outside of your raid times in a given week.

As I stated in the beginning it is pretty hard not to be excited about all the announcements surrounding WoD.

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