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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today I will be going over the reputation rewards relevant to Arms, so that you all know what reps to focus on to gear up.

Rares - purchased with justice points, require honored (as of 10/1 they no longer require honored)
Epics - purchased with valor points, require revered

The August Celestials:

The Golden Lotus
As you can see the Golden Lotus is one of the better factions to try and shoot for once you hit 90, but remember that unlike previous expansions we no longer have a cap on dailies so you can focus on one faction or go for them all at the same time. But we lost the ability to run dungeons to gain reputation, so it will be dailies or nothing to gain your reputation. And you must gain reputation to spend your hard earned valor tokens.

Also don't forget to start your quests for the Black Prince so you can begin your rep grind for your Legendary. Most of the mobs you need to kill to earn rep are involved with the other factions dailies.

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