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Monday, August 20, 2012

Being a Good DPS in a Raid Setting is More than Just Big Numbers

Continuing the theme of my last post I will be discussing ways to increase your value to your raid group so that you will be more likely to keep a raid spot.

1) Don't Gloat, no one likes the guy that constantly brags about how he out DPS' everyone and tears into everyone for not being more like him. Also if you are gloating about high DPS numbers on fight where you should be doing more than just stabbing the boss, people will start to put you in your place very quickly and you may lose your raid spot for not understanding the basics of a fight.

2) Know your role, from #1 learn what t he boss fight requires from you. If you are just stabbing the boss when you should be controlling/killing adds you will be quickly replaced and if you aren't you wont be making friends in your raid group.

3) Know your classes value, this is different than #2 because you may not be assigned to adds or CC but you can do it without really affecting your DPS. For Arms Warriors I will use the example of the Warmaster Blackhorn fight. In this fight an Arms Warrior has more value than just DPSing a single add or just DPSing in general.On this fight if you are not using TC-Rend spread you are gimping your DPS. Also if you aren't using charge and throwdown on the sappers you aren't helping to insure they aren't going to wipe you. Rallying cry is also another spell that you should be using to help healers on the Twilight Onslaughts. this is just one example of the many fights that require DPS to use their entire toolkit to help the raid group.

4) Help out the struggling player in your group, this may seem hard at times but it will help your group out in the long run. Now some times that struggling player may be just a slacker and then they are beyond helping. If they aren't a slacker then they should be grateful for your help. Sometimes they don't even need to be your class for you to help them, offer up advice on resources (like Ask Mr. Robot) to help them improve the gearing, enchants, and inscriptions. If they are the same class as you you can help them with there rotation or spec. And remember anything you do to help your group increases your value to the group.

5) Don't be a loot whore, I know I covered this last time but it is something that some people just don't get. Don't take loot that you don'd need and don't take loot that is a major upgrade for someone else and a minor one for you. and hopefully they return the favor later.

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