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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MoP Warrior - Talents

A month ago I was playing on the beta servers (I know much has probably already changed), and I was playing my faithful Warrior. I found the quests to be fun even the ones where you were fighting over spawns. Something I forgot to mention in my first MoP Beta post is the fact that blizzard made possibly the best quality of life change (even better then moving pets and mounts from our bags) by allowing us to Mass Loot, no more digging through 20 corpses to get your loot just click one and done. I have my suspicions about Mass Loot however like might mass looting short you on items, as in does the system give you less items if you mass loot versus single looting?

My first step Specing and Glyphing below the break I will break down what I picked and why.
Spec: Arms (of course)
  • Lvl 15 - Double Time - I chose this ability so that i could rapidly tag two mobs while questing. And in Battlegrounds I am huge fan of using charge, intervene and heroic leap to move quickly across the map while carrying the flag so that extra charge could be useful.
  • Lvl 30 - Enraged Regeneration - I picked this up so that I could still have a somewhat on demand self heal.
  • Lvl 45 - Piercing Howl - A 15 second snare and no cool down why not. This was in my opinion the throw away tier for PvE, PvP some of these would be better than others in some situations.
  • Lvl 60 - Shockwave - As much as I have loved Bladestorm there were two things that made me pick up Shockwave, one the 20 second cool down vs. 1.5 min cooldown and two the fact that I could now honor Cairne (all I need now is a 2h mace that looks like a totem)
  • Lvl 75 - Another throw away a tier here but I will breakdown each ability.
    • Mass Spell Reflect - Good on encounters that you can reflect spells on and could lead to some pretty good reflect numbers.
    • Safeguard - could be useful in PvP as forth rapid movement option.
    • Vigilance - Could be the best ability as long as you use it smartly like not standing in AoE when putting Vig on the tank.
  • Lvl 90 - Have not yet tested these abilities, here are my thoughts on them anyways
    • Avatar - Could be the best PvP option on this tier do to the increased damage and rage generation
    • Bloodbath - A bleed that deals 30% damage based on the attack that triggered with a 50% slow could also be nice in BGs
    • Stormbolt - I think is the best option for raiders 400% weapon damage on a boss every 30 seconds
Next time I will look at Warrior Glyphs in MoP

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