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Sunday, April 15, 2012

MoP Beta Pandaria and Monks (non-warrior)

So I have been in the beta now for a little over week and finally had time to sit down today and play it. As the title says this is non-warrior, I decided the one thing I needed to do in the beta was to play through the starting Pandarean zone so I could see it and at least try the monk class. Where do I start, upon creating my Pandarean I noticed te character creation screen had been changed no more aimlessly scrolling through skin tones and hair styles you get to see them all and select them from a grid view of them all. Once on the island the first thing I noticed was that the terrain and objects looked a lot smoother even the starting armor looked amazing. the quests were fun and not too boring or grind feeling. The first thing about the monk class that I noticed was that when I went to attack the target dummies for the second quest I was auto attacking, somewhere I missed the memo that they were adding auto attack to monks. I was very disappointed to see auto attacks because I was hoping to see Blizzard remove auto attacks from all classes to make the game even more immersive and to make afkers stand out even more on fights. For the first 10 levels I have felt at home playing the monk it felt familiar like a warrior yet different, with energy and combo points like a rogue one would expect a monk to play like a rogue. I dont Know if it was the quests, the environment or the new class but it was the most fun I've had leveling a character 1-10 since I leveled my first Tauren Warrior. Next week I will have an update on the Monk class and the final few level on Pandaria. I decided to go Brewmaster and will be going Horde once I get the chance to. Also next week I will post my impressions of MoP Beta Warrior as I sit down and toy with specs and debate whether I want to play the new content now or wait till release.

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