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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sun's Guide to Asking Mr. Robot

If you haven't found askmrrobot.com you are missing out on one of the easiest to use gear optimizer and best in slot advice out there.

Today I will give you a step-by-step guid to using this amazing tool.

Step 1: Make sure you log out of WoW in your current PvE set, so that armory registers you in this set and not say your PvP set or your awesome Lumberjack Outfit.

Step 2: Navigate to askmrrobot.com, and click on the World of Warcraft Gear Optimizer link.

Step 3: Click on the Pick a Character button. enter your Realm and Character Name and press the Load button.

Step 4: On this screen you will see your character as its listed in the armory. And everything that is wrong with your poor little guy's gear (anything highlighted in yellow is sub optimal).

Step 5: Before we jump into optimizing your gear lets check some settings. First you will want to make sure your Race and Professions are correct if not fix them. Also check or uncheck any of the boxes that apply to you. Finally the last thing you will want to adjust are the gear choices that the BIS list is based off of. If you run T12 raids then select that as your raid level, if you don't run heroic raids select none for heroics you can choose to include PvP gear in your BIS list if you PvP a lot.

Step 6: Press the Apply button after all settings have been adjusted.

Step 7: Now you can press the Optimize! button and let Mr. Robot do his magic. The Gems, Enchants & Reforges highlighted in green are what you need to change anything not highlighted is fine as is.

Step 8: You can also look at the Best In Slot tab to see what your best gear set is based on what you run. You can even look at where everything drops without having to search for them on wowhead.

Thats all for now, enjoy your new pro self and try to get more skill.

--------Update: 9/17/11--------

mordius wrote:
.......iam not sure what they list as "bis" is always correct but very close at least

There are to ways it looks at BiS:

1) Absolute - what is BiS with no regards to other slots

2) Relative - BiS in regards to all other slots 

-----------Update: 6/1/12 --------------

Also here is an even more indepth and more recent guide by my friend Hoofit over at More Cowbell

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